Free Pussy Riot Protest Fence

Pussy Riot Global Day of Action

In solitary with Melbourne Craftivists (, we decorated fences to protest the imprisonment of the Russian punk feminist band Pussy Riot.  This was part on  a Global Day of Solidarity, August 17th 2012, where countries saw protest, in Paris, Sweden, Germany, Poland, France, China, to name but a few.

Why are we protesting

Pussy Riot were imprisoned and not given a trial for 5 months, for singing a Punk Prayer in a Church.  They did this to protest the collusion of the Russian president Putin, with the church.

Finished Free Pussy Riot Fence

Making our protest bunting at 128 Social Activist Centre
Dolls ready to protest with their cross stitch banner.
Yah we have finished!
Free Pussy Riot
Putting up the dolls
Pussy Riot Dolls

Furry balaclava or is she a member of La Barbe?

Miss Piggy showing solidarity
This woman has chained herself to the fence ;).
Swinging for the revolution
Small people can have big voices!