Adopt a Greyhound

We want to use craftivism to help rise awareness that there are lots of lovely greyhound dogs that need a home, as they are tossed aside and often killed by the racing industry once they are unable to compete. 

So we want to make a bunting to spread the message to adopt a greyhound, by making a bunting with little greyhound faces in between the message.

As well we've been asked if we could make some winter jackets for the greyhounds, these can be knitted, crocheted or sewn. You can go wild make batman or super greyhound ones or snugly polka dot ones.

Come to our workshop or do with a group of you closest craft buddies and drop them off.  If you are not in Wellington send them in or put a bunting up in your own town or city, and give some jackets to your local rescued greyhounds. 

Or if you're able just adopt a beautiful Greyhound from HUHA animal sanctuary, 

Well last week we had our first greyhound bunting and jacket making sessions.  And today one member took them for a tryout on two four pawed supermodels, to check and adjust our pattern.  Don't the models look fabulous?

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