Your Right to Vote

There are only 3 days left to go till the polling booths open on Saturday to cast the vote to decide 
"Who will reside in the Beehive". 

This election is especially important as New Zealanders will also cast a vote for the referendum to decide which voting system will be used in the future.

It is shocking to hear that according to the Electoral Commission's latest statistics, more than 100,000 young people (18-24 years) are not enrolled to vote in this year's election and referendum on the voting system. I think that it is understandable that young people, given the current economic climate have a certain apathy towards the voting system. I know that a lot of people, being bombarded with election campaigns are finding it hard to find unbiased information to aid their choice.

I feel that not only it is so very important to continue to exercise our right to vote, but for your decision to be an informed one. Many countries in the world are not fortunate enough to  live in a democracy that allows people to have a say in how and who forms their government and many people have fought and died for our right to vote today.

Women can also be thankful to so many strong amazing women involved in the suffragette movement who achieved against great struggle to secure our right to vote, notably Kate Sheppard in New Zealand and Emmeline Pankhurst in England.

For unbiased information on who you can vote for, who are they, their policies and information on the referendum you can visit

Their site claims that they "believe in encouraging democratic participation and education on the web.  This site is made available at no charge to all candidates and parties - so that you the voter can have a more informed voting experience."

the above cross stitch pattern is courtesy of the 
UK Craftivist Collective, you can view more of their awesome voting patterns here 

I urge you to make your vote count this election day


  1. Well I am totally biased- we do NOT need people like John Key and his corporate scum selling New Zealand out so they can get richer. I simply cannot understand why most Kiwis are lining up to vote for him. If they had any brains they'd realise what the Occupy Movement is about and what side of the 1%/ 99% that National so openly represent. So people power people, and vote those fuckers out!

  2. Yes and we gonna have to do it all again soon. Some of us are anarchists and have not voted for years but the time to vote this man out and his neo-liberal party with it has come.