Ban AirNZ Sexist Safety Video

Our initial protest of the AirNZ sexist safety video has grown and with members of a feminist mothers group also giving us support, we have set up a temporary project group to mount a significant campaign to get this video banned.  There is a seperate blog where you can keep up to date with whats happening, and we would greatly appreciate your help and support, as this is an international protest, as this video is flying around the world.

This safety video is spreading 50 year old style of sexist ideas of marketing, as AirNZ have colluded with a peddler of female objectification Sports Illustrated. Children and adults alike are forced to watch this advertising as it has been used to co-op a safety video for a capitalist agenda. This video not only objectifies woman, promoting a single ideal of beauty, leaving woman passengers feeling humiliated and unsafe and female staff flight staff embarrassed, and sending dreadful messages on body image to young children on these flights, this video also enforcing a colonizing agenda of Pacific Island people.

To view the offending video click on,

There are several actions proposed,

1. Art Exhibitions: A craft and art exhibition, you can take part in, one involving paper planes and complaint letters and airline sleep masks with radical messages, for more information follow this link,

2. Petition: A petition is circulating to ban this video, with now over a 1000 signatures, please sign,

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