Our Occupy Blankets Adventures Continue

Our Occupy Blanket features in a new book about the vegan adventures of one of our members Anderson Santos.  The cover is by our own Emily Strange, who did this sketch for Anderson as a good bye present when he left to tour the blanket around the world.  Here is a link were you can read this book, Meatless Adventures 2 and his other book Meatless Adventures 1, http://www.andersonsantos.info/#books 

We are also hoping to display the Occupy Blanket again at our Flighting Sexism exhibition, as this blanket sought to address issues of sexism at occupy.  It is important to remember that we have to fight sexism not only in society but within activism itself, to ensure woman have equal chance of participation and thus equal voice, as well as a safe space to practice activism free of sexual harassment.

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