Flighting Sexism Opening

Awesome opening to Flighting Sexism Exhibition. A truly transformative experience, we broke the silences on sexism and the link this has to rape culture. Thanks to all the artists, to Choirboy for his amazing musical performance, Marewa Glover for her powerful and thought provoking poetry. The children who made planes for the craftivist fence, with feminist messages, totally cuted me out. Thanks for all those who came, this was beautiful community experience. Thanks also to Tory Street for providing this wonderful space.

No More Sleeping Beauty - Installation organised by Marewa Glover

Fuck AirNZ by Ron Tekawa

Mother and daughter artists - Marewa Glover and  Tiraha-Ana Glover (Nga Puhi)

ICU by Molly Rangiwai McHale
ICU by Molly Rangiwai McHale and partner Keteiyau Tora 

The Underclass Merchant - "Poetry is like Rap but Fancy" for Justice

Marewa Glover, our poet and artist


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