Flighting Sexism: Adventures with the Craftivism Fence and Paper Planes

At the Flighting Sexism Exhibition we wanted the true spirit of Craftivism to be represented, that is to get everyone to participate: young, old, mums, daughters, sons, partners and even fashion designers, took part.  So we put up a craftivist fence, so everyone could show their protest at Air NZ's sexist safety video, that this type of sexist advertising leads to the sexist and rape culture in our society that is so damaging to all those who identify as female.

So this is how the fence began at the exhibition with mini protest banners and a three planes...but this was to change.

Children at the Plane Making Zone

Girls are Cool

Choirboys daughter wanted her planes to be by daddy's art work of Russian punk band Pussy Riot and suffragette Kate Sheppard's paintings.

Fashion designer the Under Class Merchant (UCM) got in on the action saying, "No to Sexism"

After the opening the fence was so full of protest planes.

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